The Specialist Natural Team has been formed as part of CPL’s new strategy for the purchasing of our most important essential oils.

As we grow, the demand for the best quality essential oils increases. The aim of the team is to form strategic partnerships with selective suppliers at origin who can provide us with the very best quality essential oils, and who can supply us with consistent quality and quantities as we grow. In return we give them 100% loyalty and commitment to ensure that as we grow, they also grow. The partnerships also mean that we can show our customers how closely we work with our key raw material suppliers, how we have full traceability on the oils we buy and how our strategy provides us with a sustainable supply of our natural oils.


Since forming the Specialist Naturals Team at CPL Aromas, business with Enio Bonchev has developed - a rose oil supplier who shares similar visions for community projects. In the past they have supported their rose pickers, staff and the village infrastructure but have kept anonymous. Now they have spoken openly to their partners in order to think of other ways to help within the community and come up with bigger projects.


At the end of 2018, thanks to CPL Aromas’ support, Enio Bonchev made a donation to the local school in the village of Tarnichene - a small village of around 900 people, the majority of whom live in poverty. The donation has helped supply the children in 7th grade with new modern laptops to use in their IT classes.


CPL are proud to have built this relationship to support our rose oil supplier in such a way that helps their larger community.

Rose donationRose IT Class

Rose Image by Tim Gage