Palm Oil


Rainforests are vital for the survival of life on Earth but they are being destroyed at an alarming rate. We depend on the Amazon rainforest alone for 20% of the oxygen we breathe and the freshwater we drink, yet every minute, we lose the equivalent of 40 football fields of rainforests. CPL Aromas have become members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), dedicated to sourcing all our Palm Oil derived materials sustainably to help minimise the negative impacts of palm oil production.

Palm oil is extremely versatile and is used in a wide range of every-day cosmetic, cleaning, and food products. Its production is responsible for the second largest amount of carbon emissions globally and a growing demand for palm oil worldwide has caused the number of plantations to double in the last 10 years. In addition, palm oil plantations threaten biodiversity by destroying the habitats of many endangered animal species including orangutans, elephants and tigers, and the burning of peatlands for palm oil plantations can be hazardous to human health.

These reasons are why CPL have become members of the RSPO and are dedicated to sourcing all our palm oil derived materials sustainably, in order to meet strict environmental and social standards. The standards help to minimise the negative impacts of palm oil production.

Our Commitments:

-          No Palm Oil to be directly added to any of our fragrances.

-          All Palm Oil derived ingredients to be RSPO certified by 2020.

-          Non RSPO certified Palm Oil derivatives, will be resourced or phased out.

At present, we only have 2 materials that are derived from a non RPSO certified source. We are looking to re-source these ingredients from an alternative supplier to ensure then that 100% of our materials are purchased from a sustainable source.

Charlotte Purcell, Global Technical Director at CPL Aromas says “We are committed to ensuring our ingredients are responsibly sourced to secure a stable, sustainable supply. Palm oil has been a growing concern for us, our customers and their consumers, and membership allows us to answer any queries efficiently, showing our commitment to this growing issue within the supply chain.”

If you would like more information about CPL’s sustainability strategy or sourcing policy, please contact 

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