CPL Aromas UK hosted an olfactory workshop aptly titled ‘SYN’ in central London.


The second edition of CPL Aromas fragrance workshop -SYN-  was bought to the UK for a thought-provoking exhibition held in central London in May.

The name SYN comes from a Greek prefix, which means co-, to co-create or co-build. The event illustrated the idea of fusion between both the natural and synthetic worlds.

CPL Aromas invited customers to attend the exhibition and be immersed in a playful and fragranced scenography in order to discover the fusion between these universes and discover the synergy between the corresponding ingredients.  The first section consisted of imaginary and graphic landscape displays that were paired with 100% synthetic accords with scents that echoed the scenes. These scenarios included a black hole, a volcano and desert heat.

morning dew 1

desert heat 2a

The second room contained displays of synthetic material, with plexi-glass demonstrating the contrast between transparency and light. Each of these plexi panelled booths represented an accord with a natural overdose.

The experience also featured a molecular interactive structure which enabled CPL to highlight their innovative captive ingredient technology- Aromafusion. The scope that chemistry can bring to perfumers and the fragrance world is vast - natural resources can be enhanced and new fragrances created in the form of Aromafusion materials for the CPL palette. These are available exclusively to CPL perfumers only for the Group’s customers.

The finale of the exhibition offered an opportunity to seek expert guidance from a CPL perfumer to share olfactive ideas and co-create a unique formula which was later used in a single, bespoke candle.

a cropped bottle

Host to many visitors, the exhibition had a great turn out with amazing feedback. One customer declared ‘Just a quick note to thank you for yesterday. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all found the exhibition really interesting’ and another guest saying ‘Honestly, it was insanely good!’.

Throughout the event, CPL demonstrated through games, scents, imagery and conversation that using both synthetic and natural fragrances combined can create new dimensions and push the boundaries beyond what is normally expected of a certain smell.

The event gave an insight into how we focus all of our creativity, innovation and energy on making fragrances that ignite the imagination.

 a cropped