Collaboration with Mugaritz


CPL Aromas Spain recently participated in an interesting gastronomic and art event.


Anna Jaramillo, Technical Director of CPL Aromas Spain, designed a special fragrance in collaboration with Mugaritz, an established restaurant in the Basque Country.

The restaurant created a cocktail for guests to enjoy after the screening of the documentary "Serendipity" by the French artist Prune Nourry, which was shown within the framework of the Tribeca Film Festival. This documentary captures the evolution of her body, art, soul and mind after a breast cancer diagnosis.


The sculpture which depicted a giant warrior (Amazon) was partially covered with incense and acupuncture needles, that represented patients and survivors of breast cancer.


When the waitresses, disguised as nurses, entered the room, the sculptures had an effect of smoke around them. The whole room was engulfed in the fragrance of burned wood during the presentation of the appetizer. It was a spectacular show to support a project that holds a lot of meaning!


For more information about Prune Nourry and the Amazon warrior:

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Photos by: Sasha Maslov