CPL to take part in event at Tate Modern, London


Self-Impressions is an event at Tate Exchange in the Tate Modern, London on the 24-25th March 12-6pm.

Philosophers and neuroscientists from The Institute of Philosophy, part of the University of London, have put together various experiments that explore how the world around us affects our sense of self, and how we externalise our own inner representations through self-expression.

CPL UK staff members Pascale Cumming-Benson and Aitana López de Carrión have assisted in creating one of the 21 experiments that will explore how our olfactory experience is also in fact produced, shaped and understood by our other senses – in particular, touch. 

“A key feature of artistic creations comes from translating an inner feeling or idea into a different medium. The translation you produce needs to touch other people – and to make them think and feel. See how much others share your way of translating your experiences from the private sense of smell to the shared sense of touch”.

Our perception of smell is often spoken of as being tied solely to our memories, and therefore dependent on the associations we make when we smell a particular scent. This experiment will explore how a textural perception of smells factors in our understanding of odours, and how we can understand an odour in relation to other sensory modalities. 

Other sensory experiments include seeing the world in pure colour, without light and dark, through the Equiluminance helmet; or experiencing how a Meta-perceptual helmet can seem to modify the location of your eyes so, for example, you can see front and back at once; and discovering how much your heart contributes to how you read emotions in others’ faces.

Details of the event can be found here