Cos Stores and The Fir Tree


Cos Stores, part of the H&M group, are soon to launch their new Christmas windows in a range of their UK stores featuring an installation developed by Lizzie Ostrom, aka Odette Toilette, in collaboration with CPL Aromas.


Inspired by the tale of the Fir Tree by Hans Christian Anderson- retold with a modern twist by Joe Dunthorne, the installation consists of a Fir tree whereby customers can take away extracts from the famous story and whose leaves hold a unique scent crafted by Odette Toilette and CPL Aromas.

 Cos fir tree 7

CPL Aromas were excited by the opportunity to work on this project, generating conceptual ideas and using the creativity of the perfumers and the team to create Christmas emotions in an abstract way through the medium of fragrance.


The scent inspired by the tale fits the COS stores personality, it is minimal and functional and cleverly blends synthetic technology with natural materials. Cos are also known for their clean lines, representative of Scandinavian landscapes, and the fragrance carefully combines all of these characteristics together.


Cold herbal top notes of eucalyptus and aldehydes provide freshness with an icy nuance. Whilst the middle notes of clove leaf, violet nitrile and Siberian pine needle give the fragrance a green aromatic quality. Vetiver and patchouli fuse with earthy resinous notes to deliver a rich background for the fragrance to rest on.


To fully immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit and the concept, Cos Stores website holds a link to listen to the full story of The Fir Tree read by Richard Ayoade as well as a list of the locations in which you can find Cos Stores’ very own scented Fir Tree’s.


cos fir tree 9