CPL Aromas announce increased funding to CAFOD


CPL Aromas is pleased to announce a further increase in its annual funding program to the charity CAFOD to help in its efforts to alleviate poverty and suffering in poor and war torn regions of the world.

CPL Aromas has been associated with CAFOD since 2000 and has made charitable donations each year to support the valuable work that CAFOD carries out throughout the world. Each year the company’s donation is committed to specific projects in regions of the world that are chronically deprived. Funds are targeted to help vulnerable members of society to improve their quality of life.

The company has recently confirmed an increased donation of £240 K for the year 2017. Group CEO  Mr Chris Pickthall commented as follows:

“The extraordinary work of CAFOD continues to have a trans-formational effect on the lives of the poor and needy in so many deprived areas of the world. CPL Aromas is privileged to have had the opportunity of working closely with this inspirational organisation that delivers real change to some of the worlds most vulnerable and excluded people. We are therefore pleased to confirm a donation of £240 K for the year 2017 as we know this money will get to those people who need it the most”

In the past 12 months contributions from CPL Aromas have been targeted at 6 specific projects across the world chosen by members of the Pickthall family. The projects for 2016 included a programme in Malawi to provide high quality HIV testing and counseling in association with CAFOD's partner, The Lighthouse Trust, who were able to conduct 87,246 HIV tests in the Lilongwe district of central Malawi.

In the extremely poor and remote district of Ngoula in Niger CPL's funding was able to establish a health clinic providing free treatment to children under 5 years of age and for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Over 16,000 people live in Ngoula where the nearest hospital is 80 kms away.

In Israel CPL’s donation was targeted at supporting the rights of Arab women by working with CAFOD’s local partner WAC Ma’an to provide a unique support system for Arab women to help them access employment opportunities and understand their labour rights. In a country where 50% of Arab families live below the poverty line it was particularly pleasing to see that the project found employment for 238 women in the 12 months ending November 2016.

CAFOD has also been working throughout 2016 to establish community development programs for the indigenous people of Cambodia who suffer as their homes are ravaged by the impact of the mining, gas and oil industries particularly in areas where the indigenous populations live and where communities lack the resources or capacity to engage with companies or the government.

Elsewhere, CPL Aromas is helping to fund two projects in Nicaragua. The first helps vulnerable farming communities protect themselves from natural disasters by working with local partner Caritas Jinotega to deliver silos that store and preserve valuable seeds that can be used in the next sowing season when necessary. The second project is run by the Mary Barreda association and is designed to help adolescent girls free themselves from commercial and sexual exploitation in the city of Leon. In 2016 the association continued working with a cohort of 21 adolescent girls helping them to under-stand their rights, build self-confidence and restore their family relationships.

In Peru CAFOD’s partner Solidaridad is supporting women from the impoverished shanty settlements of Lomas de Carabayllo near Lima to develop their skills and confidence in running their own small businesses and earn a sustainable in-come. Funding throughout 2016 has established a textile co-operative called “Hilana” which had a particularly successful year and now employs 43 women.

CPL Aromas intends to continue its support for these projects and the increased funding for 2017 should facilitate additional resource to these important programs.

CAFOD work in more than sixty countries tackling poverty and injustice and is part of the global Caritas family who provide assistance to the poor, vulnerable and the excluded.

For more information about CAFOD, please visit their website: www.cafod.org.uk