A fusion of CPL’s Creative talent visits India


The CPL Aromas world-wide team of Creative Perfumers gathered in Kerala India during November for the biennial Perfumers conference organised to promote creativity and the exchange of ideas amongst the company’s perfumery team.

The event was held over four days at the Zuri Kumarakom, Kerala Resort & Spa   and was opened by Group CEO Chris Pickthall together with Director of Perfumery Christian Provenzano who welcomed his team of perfumers from the ten CPL creative centres around the world. Delegates discussed the latest trends in perfumery across their geographic regions and were given the opportunity to showcase some of their latest creations.

The team had been tasked to work on creations for a range of projects that included the development of fragrances incorporating AromaFusion; CPL’s unique range of aroma ingredients. The perfumers were encouraged to develop truly original fragrances with no particular cost restraints thus maximising creativity. For these creations there was to be a prize awarded for the most innovative and creative fragrance.

As part of the conference the team visited Plant Lipids a CPL supplier at the forefront of the oleoresin and essential oils manufacturing business in India. With products that are supplied to more than 65 countries worldwide, Plant Lipids are one of the largest producers of essential oils and extracts in the world. During this field trip the Perfumers were able to walk amongst the fields of Turmeric, Nutmeg and other plants common to the Kerala region of India and witness first hand these essential ingredients growing in the wild.

During the formal part of the conference CPL’s team of 30 perfumers evaluated a range of new creations and discussed ways to best incorporate the new range of Aromafusion ingredients that are available only to CPL perfumers. In addition dozens of other fragrances were created for the four day event including new Ecoboost creations and fragrances suitable for a variety of applications including EDT’s, soaps and other personal care products as well as detergents.

In the evenings there was of course time for the perfumers to relax and absorb the beautiful surroundings of western India. The delegates took the opportunity to sample the fabulous cuisine on offer in Kerala, dining one evening at the Lime Tree restaurant located close to Cochin, where the perfumers commented on how many of the culinary ingredients used in Indian cooking are also present in modern day perfumery. The excesses of all the curry consumed that evening were soon worked off on the dance floor with a display of Bollywood dancing led by local perfumer Santosh from the CPL Mumbai office practising his considerable dance floor skills upstaging Dominique from CPL France who normally leads the way on the dance floor at CPL social gatherings. The following day saw a more relaxed evening event with a boat cruise through Lake Vembanad in Kerala where the perfumers were able to take in the picturesque local scenery of Kerela, often described as “The jewel of western India”, and discuss the day’s events.

Day 4 of the conference concluded with prizes awarded to those perfumers whose creations were considered the most outstanding in each individual application. Prizes were handed out jointly to Dominique, Claudine & Bev for their Ecoboost submissions whilst Esneda received an award for her “Blue” detergent fragrance. Prizes were also handed out jointly to Chung, Stephane and Claudine for their efforts on the shampoo brief and Claudine won again with her “Fruit Blast” soap creation. The final presentation was the Camilo Bernal memorial prize awarded to Stephane for his “Bollywood Fusion” fragrance incorporating 53% of Aromafusion ingredients in the formula and was a fitting end to an inspirational four days of creativity and collaboration amongst our diverse and highly skilled team of perfumers.

This perfumer’s conference in India was the culmination of many months of work and preparation including great organisation from the CPL team in India. The most challenging aspect was of course the innovative genius of our hugely talented team of creative perfumers whose dedication and skill enables CPL to consistently deliver outstanding fragrances to our customers across the globe. Modern day perfumery is a collaborative process and CPL is fortunate to have such a diverse team who work together to produce winning fragrances the world over.