The Fragrance Innovation Summit


The Fragrance Innovation Summit- Arabia held in Dubai.


Many global fragrance houses continue to take their inspiration from the Middle East to produce original and inventive fragrances. The region is rich in fragrance history and has a strong background and passion for the fine fragrance category, making Dubai a great host for this event.


The summit is a great platform for fragrance experts across the MENA region to come together and discuss any issues that the fragrance industry may be up against. The summit consisted of a two-day event witnessing a series of cutting-edge conference sessions, keynotes and panel discussions, with industry experts participating in live-case study presentations.


Chris Pickthall, CPL Aroma’s CEO was invited as a keynote speaker, taking to the stage to discuss CPL’s strong collaboration with and support of ‘The College of Fragrance for the Visually Impaired’. COFVI in Mumbai, is committed to providing a fantastic education to a new generation of visually impaired students, that will give them the potential for employment within the fragrance industry upon graduation.


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