At every step, we aim to minimise our impact on the world around us. This ethos runs through all that we do, and is part of our commitment to continual improvement across all aspects of our business. 

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We have an established global environmental committee, charged with embedding sustainable practices across our business, and with empowering our employees to work sustainably. We are ISO14000 accredited in the UK and work to these same high standards across all of our sites, globally.

Current measures aimed at minimising our impact on the environment include:

  • Producing our fragrances as close to their destination as possible, minimising transport emissions
  • Investing in sustainable sourcing
  • Ensuring all emissions released from our sites are clean and non-intrusive
  • Establishing highly efficient production processes to minimise waste and power usage
  • Investigating opportunities for using sustainable energy sources, such as solar power
  • Innovating to produce fragrances that can be used at significantly lower quantities, using our EcoBoost technology

As well as actively reducing our carbon footprint, we aim to source all our materials and ingredients as ethically and responsibly as possible. We see our relationships with local suppliers as crucial to the success of our business and are committed to supporting the local communities that help keep CPL Aromas able to produce the world’s finest fragrances.

We also have a moral commitment to ensure we do not use any animal products in our fragrances, and will never test our products on animals.