Inspiring a generation

As fashion and fragrance influencers, we are used to living tomorrow’s trends; this progressive mindset extends to all that we do. It inspires us in driving the future of our industry, helping to shape the next generation of fragrance pioneers. 


LCF submission

Winning submission for the LCF photography competition

Our partnership with one of the world’s leading fashion institutes, the London College of Fashion, is central to how we work. We collaborate with LCF to share the experience and wisdom of our fragrance innovators with the College’s future talent, and in return are able to infuse our creative processes with their new and often unique ideas, for the benefit of our clients the world over. We also founded LCF’s first BSc in Cosmetic Science.

As well as offering mentoring, idea validation and product testing opportunities, we also sponsor an annual photography competition for LCF students, exploring the links between the worlds of fashion and fragrance. The competition provides the artists the opportunity to interpret a real brief from a real client, and to showcase their work.


We are a longstanding partner to the University of Plymouth, one of the few educational institutions in the world to offer perfumery qualifications. The courses, delivered through the International Centre for Aroma Trades Studies are attained by Distance Learning and lead to an IFEAT Diploma in Aroma Trades Studies.


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A COFVI lesson

As part of our unwavering commitment to supporting charitable initiatives, we helped establish COFVI to provide employment opportunities to the visually impaired in India’s fragrance industry.

Undertaking substantial research, together with the Blind Person Association (Mumbai), we proved that the visually impaired are more likely to have a heightened sense of smell than those with unimpaired vision. We helped to change the mindset of a marginalised community, showing them that what may be perceived as a disability can in fact be a unique gift.

Establishing COFVI off the back of this research, the organisation is now committed to educating a new generation of visually impaired perfumers, and is working with global fragrance powerhouses to challenge the lack of visually impaired employees in the industry.