Technical service

CPL is far more than a manufacturer. It is essential that we also thoroughly test all our products for regulatory and legal compliance – no small task, considering the subtle variations in requirement from country to country.

At CPL, we have all the expertise you need. With comprehensive test facilities – including complete bathrooms and kitchens that provide real environments with laboratory-controllable conditions – we can accurately assess any aspect of a product, whether panel testing using professional or non-industry noses, or by spectrometer analysis. We don’t just test the fragrance; all aspects of the product come under scrutiny, including efficacy and stability.

Our technical, quality and regulatory teams – as well as our highly experienced, in-house perfumers – provide crucial support to the cycles of development and production, as well as expert services to the industry, gathering invaluable data on new and existing products under strict test conditions.

Analytical teams also provide invaluable records and evidence in support of buying, product development and production quality. Our regulation team monitors the many changes in this area around the world, keeping our product design process completely up to speed with the latest developments. Sometimes, regulatory changes demand reformulations – but they can also signal a new opportunity.

Every year, thanks to our in-house logistics, our compounding and sample staff blends and send tens of thousands of samples around the world, and our quality teams monitor the development and production process – from initial sampling through to final production – ensuring we maintain a consistently high standard, worldwide.