Product development

At CPL, we’re always looking to the future. Product development gives us the opportunity not only to respond to a challenging brief and exploit the full potential of new technologies, it allows us to create entirely new opportunities and shape the future of the industry, too.

Often, products are created and developed on behalf of – and in partnership with – a specific customer, according to their individual needs. This involves rigorous testing for stability, suitability and performance, using highly specialized equipment – not to mention highly trained noses. Our experience, expertise and facilities are world class, allowing us to tackle even the toughest assignments – in some cases developing new bases, and supplying fragrance and base ready for packaging.

This experience comes, in part, from our own, internal R&D Programme. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of current technologies, regularly setting ourselves the challenge of creating new and revolutionary products to open up new markets.

See our section on Innovation for more information on some of CPL’s unique achievements.