What we do – an overview

Whether you are looking for fine fragrances, a means of perfuming other products, innovative compounds that actively control malodours or something completely new, CPL Aromas has the technology and expertise to meet your needs – from creation to manufacture. And if all you need is technical data, we can provide that, too.

Based upon 40 years of company experience – with a family tradition stretching back a century – we have a vast store of product knowledge on which to draw. Our fragrance library houses thousands of formulas suited to a huge range of different markets and sectors – and our marketing and evaluation teams monitor new product launches around the world to ensure that this collection is kept completely up to date. That means we can quickly provide any fragrance you need, and – thanks to state-of-the-art Fricke machines, accurate to 1/1000th of a gramme – manufacture it under laboratory conditions from the highest quality base materials, in any quantity required.

Because we are constantly developing new products and technologies, it is vital that our technical services remain world class. We are equipped to carry out the most rigorous testing, whether relying on GC/MS or the highly-trained noses of our expert perfumers. And should you require something unique, it is the irreplaceable expertise of those same perfumers that makes it possible.