Household and air care

This is, without doubt, one of the most demanding areas of perfumery. Here, a pleasing fragrance is simply not enough. Often, it must also remain stable in the most challenging of conditions – in a bleach-based cleaning product, for example. Sometimes, the rate of release needs to be fast, such as in an aerosol air freshener. At other times, extremely slow – such as in scented candles or a fabric softener which gently releases its fragrance over days without being overpowering. Occasionally, the fragrance must do more than simply mask malodours – it must actively reduce them.

The appetite for new product ideas in this technically demanding sector of perfumery is increasing, and it’s only our continual investment in R&D facilities over the years that has allowed us to stay ahead of the market – without compromise.

Our rigorous approach, including regular product stability and efficacy trials, ensures that innovative concepts are proven and robust in use – and that means saving customers’ time and money on their own trials.