Fine fragrance

Few things are as evocative or individual as the fine fragrances we wear – they express and define our personalities, become part of us. Over the years, numerous leading brands have relied on CPL to achieve this level of perfection.

This highly specialized area is, without doubt, the cornerstone of our business, demanding levels of expertise and excellence that ultimately benefit so many of our products and innovative technologies. Our perfumers are world class and award-winning. They are also dedicated to working in close partnership with our customers to deliver true creativity. This is where the development of a perfume truly becomes an art – where something genuinely unique is born.

Whether you are looking to create designer brands, classics, perfume oils for the Middle East, mass market brands, a retailer's own-brand, or indeed any of the many forms in which fine fragrances are sold, CPL can provide all you need to excel in this most traditional – and often prestigious – area of perfumery.