Quality management and Compliance

Consistent quality and product safety are central to our business – and we recognize that our inspiration, development efforts and customers' time would be wasted if we did not constantly re-invest in these all-important areas. Regulations from governments and industries across the world are also changing at a rapid pace, and are becoming increasingly demanding.

We ensure that we are completely up to speed with the individual regulatory and legal requirements of every country in which we trade. We also have an enviable record for efficient production and delivery services. When an R&D project is successfully completed, we go through a process of ensuring that the production is faithful to the concept, and delivered on time to a consistent quality. To achieve this, all our production sites work in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and are audited regularly by our internal teams and by independent accreditation bodies. Purpose-built facilities and high levels of automation – using bar-coding systems and industry-leading Fricke technology – mean that we are able to maintain unsurpassed levels of speed, accuracy and consistency.

We are constantly improving – because we know that only a positive approach yields efficiency and customer satisfaction.