The world around us, in all its diversity, is our inspiration. We see it as our business to help protect it.

At CPL, we are dedicated to responsible practices, and care for the environment influences all we do. We do not test on animals or use any animal products. All of our empty steel drums, plastic kegs and aluminium flasks are now cleaned and recycled. We also recycle all of our cardboard and shrink-wrap – waste that would once have been landfill. To go further, we have been working with NISP (the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme) to find ways in which we can actively convert perfume waste from other companies into a commercially viable resource. In return, our own waste is offered for similar use by other companies, or incinerated to generate new energy. We monitor our own energy and water consumption so we can directly measure the benefit of any improvements in practices and quickly identify potential problems. Spill kits have also been introduced to reduce the risk of spills entering the watercourse.

Vital to this process has been the raising of awareness among our employees, gaining their participation and support in controlling and minimizing energy consumption and waste. A group of environmental champions has been set up, with each CPL division represented on the group, allowing us to share ideas about best practice across the company. Latest initiatives include the installation of intelligent lighting systems that are sensitive to movement and light conditions, allowing lighting levels to automatically adjust to suit the working environment.

Our R&D department is also continually developing new technologies to reduce waste and boost profitability. A prime example is Ecoboost, which dramatically reduces chemical constituents, packaging and transport costs with no drop in performance – and that means we’re helping our clients to protect the environment, too.