Innovation – inspiring the future

At CPL, we’ve never been content to sit back and wonder what tomorrow will bring. From the very start, we understood the value of dynamic innovation – of actively helping to shape the future.

Fresh sources of inspiration are vital. A creative industry such as ours can only thrive through creativity, whether that means the artistry of creating a new, fine fragrance, or the grasping of an opportunity offered by the latest technical advance.

We understand, too, that generating our own technical advances is crucial. That’s why we have a dedicated Research and Development team constantly striving to push the boundaries of the possible. This has led to revolutionary new products and technologies unique to CPL, including Ecoboost, which reduces chemical constituents and packaging, Aromaguard, a range of fragrances proven to counteract malodours, and Insectaguard, developed in conjunction with the London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine.