Of course, fragrances have been used to mask malodours – ‘bad smells’ – for centuries. But with CPL’s unique Aromaguard technology, we have created a range of fragrances that goes one step further – targeting and actively reducing malodours both in the home and workplace.

Malodours range from the chemical to the organic, and most are all too familiar – persistent cooking smells in our kitchens, bathroom and pet malodours, stale tobacco and the general ‘mustiness’ created by mildews and moulds. Aromaguard uses a counteractant to block the unpleasant malodours, replacing them with the desired fragrance.

Aromaguard has uses far beyond the familiar aerosols and other air fresheners, too. For years, self-tanning products were plagued by a particular problem – an unpleasant smell generated by the chemical reaction between the active ingredients and the proteins on the skin of the user. On behalf of St Tropez, the leading producer of self- tanning products, CPL worked to solve this problem, and in 2009 a new range of products was launched that used Aromaguard to effectively eliminate the tell-tale self-tanning smell.

It was hailed as the biggest breakthrough for self-tanning products in a decade, with CPL’s pioneering research becoming the subject of a feature in New Scientist.