Unlock a whole new world of unique frangrance creation with aromafusion

Fine fragrance creation is the combination of science and artistry. To create truly outstanding world-class fragrances, perfumers blend creativity, imagination and innovation.

Working from a finite palette of natural and synthetic fragrances, perfumers subtlety blend known ingredients to create unforgettable fragrances. Each complex fragrance formula is a closely guarded brand secret.

The world’s leading fragrance brands protect their valuable creations by adding unique, undistinguishable, ‘captive’ molecular ingredients, ensuring their fragrances cannot be precisely replicated by others.

This creative process is now exclusively available to clients of CPL Aromas.

Through extensive research and development, CPL Aromas have created Aromafusion, a range of new, long-lasting, unique scent molecules.

Our unique process combines fragrance molecules together, creating completely new ‘captive’ ingredients, thereby extending the fragrance palette available to our perfumers, providing unique creative possibilities.

Aromafusion ingredients are for the exclusive use of CPL Aromas perfumers who are able to create original and unique fragrances for a variety of product applications.

Unlock a whole new world of unique fragrance creation, with Aromafusion from CPL Aromas.