How we work

At CPL we currently employ around 380 permanent staff on core activities, as well as commissioning work from various outsourcing agencies or companies. There are three key levels of organization: operational teams, who provide specialized professional skills, product development groups, who oversee proactive development, and regional companies, who ensure global coverage.

Operational teams include highly-trained specialists covering everything from fragrance production to sales and marketing. While these teams react to customer briefs on a demand basis, we also work proactively on new product development (NPD) to create new product opportunities. Our NPD groups are assembled from a range of disciplines, involving staff from a variety of global locations according to project need.

Although our roots are in the UK, CPL is very much an international, multicultural concern. The brands we create fragrances for are sold in every corner of the globe.

Our accredited Agents and Distributors also help us to cover markets or sectors where specialist local knowledge or contacts are required. Many of our third party partners are as long-serving as our most experienced employees, and they regularly enjoy visits to CPL for training, planning and inspiration.